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Our Training Packages

Packages for All Budgets and All Families

Basic Obedience Lessons

These are one (1) hour private lessons for dogs over 5 months old of any breed. You’ll work with the trainer so your dog can be outside, off-leash, even with distractions. Your dog will learn to listen to your commands.

* At least 45 minutes per day is required of you to work with your dog on the commands we teach you each week.

4 Lessons

Four (4) Weekly Private Lessons

"Come > "Sit > "Down > "Place > "Heel > "Off" > "Stay" > "Break

* At least 45 minutes per day is required of you to work with your dog on the commands we teach you each week.
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Board & Train Packages

Our Board & Train packages are the "best in class" training programs. Your dog will live with our trainer while they go through training! Hundreds of clients will tell you...your dog will return home a "new dog!"

This is the ideal package for the busy dog owner that doesn't have time to commit to a lengthy training process.

1 Week - 2 Week
$1500 - $2850

1 or 2 Week Board & Train Packages

Your dog will learn all the commands from the Basic & Advanced lessons and then some! After training with us, your dog will display amazing manners!

Dog walks will be fun again!
And all the stress of taking your dog out in public will be gone!
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Aggression & Reactivity

For dogs that have issues with dog aggression, reactivity, or that simply go over the top when other dogs (or people) are around.

Lessons - Board/Train
$1000 - $3000

Offered as Lessons (8 weeks) or a 2 Week Board & Train Program.

Lessons: the first 4 lessons teach your dog basic obedience which will give you a solid foundation of control over your dog. The final 4 lessons will work you and your dog around other dogs in different scenarios & situations.

The 2-Week Board & Train incorporates the elements of our standard 2-Week program but is designed for dogs who displays reactive or aggressive behavior.

The trainer will focus on obedience, stability, and perform behavioral work specific to your dog’s needs!
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Off Leash K9 Training

Dog Obedience Training Results that Last!

Pro Trainers That Care!

We know there are many dog trainers out there, but we are so confident in our methods that we guarantee your happiness!


We’re globally recognized for our incredible obedience training! Your dog will follow commands, outside, with distractions, and even off-leash!

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We have helped THOUSANDS of dogs and dog owners just like you establish better relationships with their dogs. After all, that’s all any of us really want – a better connection with our best furry friends!

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We guarantee 100% Obedience & 100% Off-Leash!

Your dog will be trained to have the same level of obedience as most police/military working dogs!


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Get The Obedient Dog Of Your Dreams!

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